Awards of Haryana

Awards of Haryana

Chaudhary Devi Lal Award

The sponsor of the award is ICAR( Indian council of agriculture research). The Objective of the Award is To recognize outstanding performance of the AICRP (All India Coordinated Research Project) and its cooperating centres To provide incentive for outstanding performance in terms of linkages and research output and its Impact.

The award consists of 3 lakh rs. (2 lakh for the main coordinating unit and 1 lakh for the best centre) in cash, a citation and a plaque as an institutional award for Partnership Research for most significant contribution to agricultural productivity. Apart from Coordinating Cell, each of the identified outstanding cooperating centres will receive citation and share cash award in equal proportion. The award money would be put in fixed deposit and income generated would be utilized for the following:

  • Welfare measure for staff of AICRP
  • Training of staff of AICRP
  • Common amenities for the staff of different centres

Bhim awardAwards of Haryana

Bhim award is given to outstanding sportperons of the year. This is the biggest sport award given in the field of sport by government of Haryana.

Sur samman

The Haryana government give this award to confer Lifetime Achievement Award on an eminent litterateur for outstanding contribution in the promotion of Hindi literature.

Haryana Vigyan Ratna’ & ‘Haryana Yuva Vigyan Ratna’, awards


These awards have been instituted to honour eminent scientists of the State, who have made outstanding contributions in the field of Science & Technology. Awards will be conferred to those scientists, who are either born in Haryana or who have spent a considerable part of their career/studies in Haryana.

Pashudhan viaks purushakar


This award is given in the field of animal husbandry and vaternary.

Haryana sahitya akademi awards

These awards are given in the field of Haryana literature.The Akademi had instituted three new awards of Rs one lakh each, namely Jan Kavi Mehar Singh Samman, Shreshtha Mahila Rachnakar Samman and Aditya Alhar Hasya Samman from the year 2010.

National Haryana education awards

Eduaction State Awards are awarded by the Government to teachers every year on 5th September.

Maina music awards

These awards are given to artists of Haryanvi music.



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