The Battle of Taraori and aftermath

The Battle of Taraori and after   Dattaji who had raised the seige of Sukkartal decided to meet the Shah. He crossed the Jamuna at the Andhera Ghat (December 18, 1759) and then finalised his plans at Kunjapura. The best 25,000 troops he himself retained while the others under Janakoji and Imad formed his rear … Read more

The Maratha entry into the North: the background

The Maratha entry into the North: the background   Not a sudden political phenomenon, the Maratha entry into the Delhi politics dates back to the times of Shahu. Balaji Vishvanath, the first Peshwa, marched to Delhi in 1718 to obtain approval of the Emperor Farrukhsiyar for the peace treaty agreed between Shahu and Husain Ali. … Read more

The Afghan-Maratha conflict and Haryana

The Afghan-Maratha conflict   The Durrani Invasions {114S, 1750, 1751)   These anarchical conditions of India specially of Panjab and Haryana greatly facilitated the ambitious scheme of Ahmad Shah, an Afghan chief of the Abdali clan who rose to power in Afghanistan after the assassination of Nadir Shah in 1747, He was styled by the … Read more

The Rise of local powers: Rewari and Ballabhgarh

The Rise of local powers: Rewari and Ballabhgarh   Although a period of over all decline it marked the rise of local powers — especially of Rewari and Ballabhgarh in Haryana. The estate of Rewari, as stated earlier, was founded by Nand Ram, a Ahir leader of gadhi Bolni. His illustrious son Bal Krishna rose … Read more

Development of Architecture in Medieval Haryana

In Haryana during the medieval period there has been considerable interest in the construction of buildings mostly in the form of tombs (in the sacred memory of Muslim saints and men of eminence), mosques and other associated religious establishments for prayers, recitation and the teaching of the holy scriptures. These are scatered all over Haryana … Read more

The Battle of Karnal and Aftermath

The Battle of Karnal   On February 13, 1739 began Persian advance along the plain between the canal on the Jamuna. Prince Nasrullah taking position north of Indian camp facing Nizam’s division. Nadir Shah himself at first at the head of the vanguard but after Saadat Khan’s joining the emperor shifted to a position about … Read more

The Sur administrative reforms in Haryana

The Sur administrative reforms   Haryana was the ancestral home of Sher Shah. His grandfather Ibrahim Khan Sur who came from Afghanistan, served under Jamal Khan Sarang Khani of Hisar- Firuzah who bestowed on him ‘several villages in pargana Narnaul for the maintenance of forty horsemen’. His son, Hasan Khan, entered the service of Umar … Read more

The invasion of Nadir Shah and Haryana

The invasion of Nadir Shah   Nadir Shah (the king of Persia) after the occupation of Afghanistan decided to march on India whose unsettled borders and negative defence policy ideally suited his purpose. He passed through Jalalabad, Peshawar, Wazirabad and further carried destruction and disorder throughout the region between Lahore and Sarhind which according to … Read more

Banda and the Sikh depredations in northern Haryana

The death of Aurangzeb (March 3, 1707) was followed by a period of decline, confusion and disorder throughout northern India. And Haryana, which was included mostly in the Delhi Subah and partly in the Agra Subah, could not escape it. Politically linked with the fortunes of the imperial capital (which was also its seat of … Read more

The Satnami revolt

The Satnami revolt   An offshoot of the medieval Bhakti movement, the Satnami movement had its origin in the Sadhs, a Unitarian sect founded in 1543 by Birbhan, of the village Bijesar of Narnaul pargana} It was probably a branch of the Raidasi jamayat (organization) founded after the famous saint Raidasa. Birbhan although claimed to … Read more

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