30-31.03.19 HARYANA (HPSC) Current Affairs

HARYANA Zamindaries of Haryana   Amid the Mughal domain period zamindari have a place with the respectability. The zamindars regularly assumed a vital part in the local histories of the subcontinent. A standout amongst the most striking cases is the sixteenth century confederation shaped by 12 zamindars in the Bhati area, which, as per the … Read more

29.03.19 HARYANA (HPSC) Current Affairs

HARYANA Zamindaries of Haryana – Pilkha town   Pelkha is a town that falsehoods 10 km north-west of Shamli in the locale of Shamli in the province of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is arranged in the old place where there is Kuru, now western Uttar Pradesh, a standout amongst the most ripe and horticulturally propelled … Read more

30-31.03.19 (RPSC) Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan Day was celebrated on 30th March   Rajasthan Day is celebrated every year on March 30to commemorate the day on which the state of Rajasthan came into existence. Rajasthan, earlier known as Rajputana, came into existence on March 30, 1949. Rajasthan Day commemorates the valour, strong will power and sacrifice of the people of Rajasthan. Before Independence, Rajasthan was comprised … Read more

29.03.19 (RPSC) Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Rajasthan defers closure of Gang Canal for repair   The Rajasthan Government has deferred the closure of the Gang Canal for carrying out repair works due to the lack of funds.   The move also ensures the supply of tonnes of fresh vegetables that were transported from Sriganganagar to Abohar and Fazilka.   Notably, … Read more

28.03.19 HARYANA (HPSC) Current Affairs

HARYANA Haryana History : Kalsia state     As we prodigy through one town after another towards a far off goal in this district of India, it is so natural to overlook that we are in the land that is rich ever, where kingdoms were manufactured on the quality of numbers and swords, lost because … Read more

28.03.19 (RPSC) Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Some key customs of Rajasthan   Nangal – The ceremony of inauguration of the newly built house is called Nangal.   Janeu practice– There is practice of putting Janeu on children in Brahman caste. It is is also called Yaghopavit.   Sati Practice – The practice of Sati was prevalent in bygone  era in … Read more

27.03.19 (RPSC) Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN New crop loans to farmers after Aadhaar-based certification   In a policy decision, the cooperative department of Rajasthan has decided to provide new crop loans to farmers only after the Aadhaar based certification through digital marketing register (DMR).   The online process, in which the loan payment will be made to the farmers through … Read more

27.03.19 HARYANA (HPSC) Current Affairs

HARYANA Demand to introduce free test facilities in govt hospitals   The Citizens’ Council, the Resident Doctors Association (RDA)  and  other bodies have demanded free test facility  for patients  in government hospitals. Patients end up paying Rs 300 to Rs 500 for getting them examined at the hospital.   There are more than 90 per … Read more

26.03.19 (RPSC) Rajasthan Daily Current Affairs

RAJASTHAN Transport dept to change ticket checking system to curb losses   In order to curb revenue leakage and generate profits, the state transport department will change the ongoing ticket checking system, use e-governance, employee behaviour and renovation of bus stands.   In order to curb revenue leakage change will be made in the ongoing … Read more

26.03.19 HARYANA (HPSC) Current Affairs

HARYANA Former princely state of Haryana   Lohru and Kalsia are fundamental royal state Haryana amid British realm.   Loharu   The decision family guarantee drop from an old group of khwajas from Bokhara, in Central Asia. They moved to India amid the center of the eighteenth century and took benefit under the Mughals. They … Read more

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