The impact of Sikhism in Haryana

The impact of Sikhism   Haryana also felt the impact of Sikhism. Several Sikh Gurus visited Kurukshetra and other parts of Haryana and in their memory various Gurudwaras were built here. An account of these visits is available in the works of Macauliffe and the Sikh traditional literature of Bhai Santokh Singh who had received … Read more

The Royal firmans (Public Welfare) in Haryana

The Royal firmans (Public Welfare)   Soon after his accession Jahangir visited Haryana in 1605. Prince Khusrau who had revolted and was on his way to Lahore, baited at Sarai Narela, set its rest house on fire and thereafter reached Panipat. The Faujdar of Panipat fled to Lahore, pursued by the prince. Jahangir who was … Read more

Mugals in Haryana- The short lived empire

The short lived empire Huinayun who succeeded Babur on December 26, 1530 appointed his brothers Mirza Hindal and Mirza Kamran as governors of Miwat and Sirhind-Hisar respectively. But this proved to be suicidal for the very existence cf the newly founded empire. While, Humayun was busy fighting the Afghans at Gaur, Hindal revolted.   Sher … Read more

The Mughals (1526-1707)- The First Battle of Panipat

The Mughals (1526-1707)- The First Battle of Panipat   Situated between Lahore and Delhi, Haryana had been the scene of battles throughout the medieval period. Almost every invader penetrating Indian Territory from the west and aiming at the capture of Delhi had to fight his way through this region. This was perhaps the primary consideration … Read more

Religious and Cultural Activities – The rise and growth of Sufism

Religious and Cultural Activities – The rise and growth of Sufism   Situated between Punjab and Delhi, Haryana had been the scene of frequent warfares which left disturbing effects and made life rather difficult. Although the Muslim rulers, by and large, adopted an intolerant attitude towards the Hindus and frequently destroyed their holy places, the … Read more

The Lodi Innovations and its influence on Haryana

The Lodi Innovations   The disruptive tendencies which were already at work went out of control under Khizr Khan’s successors. The Mewatis for instance, foiled the expeditions of Mubarak Shah and under Muhammad Shah (1434-43) carried the disorder up to the gates of Delhi while the Uiama and the Amirs actually invited Mahmud Khalji of … Read more

Taimur’s invasion and the aftermath in Haryana

Taimur’s invasion and the aftermath   Taimur’s Indian expedition was ‘a pure plundering raid with an excellent time- table’. As precisely put in the Zafarndma ‘the order was issued that the soldiers were to seize grains wherever they could find Accordingly the solidiers invaded the cities, put houses on fire, captured inhabitants and plundered whatever … Read more

The Khaijis and the Tughlaqs in Haryana

The Khaijis and the Tughlaqs:   Administrative reforms   During the reign of Balban’s successor Muizz-ud-din Kaiqubad, a physical and moral wreck, Jalaluddin Firuz Khalji, who had already distinguished himself in the wars against the Mongols, usurped the power and ascended the throne in June, 1 290. Under Balban, Jalaluddin had served as iqtadar of … Read more

The Sultanate (1206-1526) in Haryana

The Sultanate (1206-1526)   Laying the foundations   With the defeat of the Chahamanas in the second battle of Tarain (1192) began a gloomy period in the history of Haryana marked by the destruction of its cities and the temples, the murder, slavery and the subjection of its people. The Muslim invaders treated this region … Read more

Religious and secular literature in Haryana

Religious and secular literature   Besides the growth of Sufism and Sikhism and their devotional literature, the region also produced literary figures in Prakrt, Sanskrit, Hindi and Urdu.   The most important of the Prakrt scholars was Thakura Pheru who was born at Kannana, a village lying about 8 kms from Charkhi Dadari (in district … Read more

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