British Rule in Haryana

British Rule in Haryana In 1805, the British partitioned this region into two sections because of authoritative and political reasons. A littler part called the Assigned Territories was kept specifically under the control of the Company. The bigger part was partitioned and given over to different nearby rulers who were dependable and faithful to the … Read more

Art forms in Haryana

Art forms in Haryana Sculpture  of Art forms in Haryana Rock and stone were the most common subjects for the development of art, right from the Maurya period to Harshavardhana to the Mughals and the British. Gods formed the basis of sculpture all over India, including Haryana. Sculptures in Art forms in Haryana were concentrated around central … Read more

Fairs and festivals of Haryana

Fairs and festivals of Haryana The state of Haryana celebrates the rich, glorious culture of India in its various fairs and festivals that are celebrated with equal pomp and gaiety here as all over the country. There are several fairs and festivals in Haryana that attract a large number of visitors to the state at … Read more

Folk dances of Haryana

Folk dances of Haryana Ghumar Dance  Some dancers receive their inspiration from religion. The gods and the elements are invoked to shower their blessing  on the labours of a community.  Ghumar is a Rajasthani dance but it is popular in Laharu, Dadri and some parts of the Hissar and Bhiwani, bordering Rajasthan. The dance is … Read more

Folk songs of Haryana

Folk songs of Haryana Folk songs/ music of Haryana Haryana has a rich tradition of folk music. Even villages have been named after classical ragas. In Dadri tehsil, several villages have names related to well known ragas. These are Nandyam, Sarangpur, Bilawala, Brindabana, Todi, Asaveri, Jaishri, Malakoshna, Hindola, Bhairavi, Gopi Kalyana etc. Similarly in Jind district … Read more

Paintings of Haryana

Paintings of Haryana Haryana was always a rendezvous for various tribes, invaders, races, cultures and faiths, going right back to BC 2500, and it witnessed the merging of numerous styles of painting. Discoveries of earthenware and designs painted on them in black and white found Siswal site, are the first impressions of art in this … Read more

Handicrafts of Haryana

Handicrafts of Haryana Handicrafts of Haryana include a variety of style and flair. These works of art reflect the rich cultural heritage of Haryana. The famous Handicrafts of Haryana are known all over the country for their splendid aesthetic values. Handicrafts of Haryana mainly include Pottery, Embroidery and Weaving, Phulkari, Chope, Durries Bagh and Paintings. … Read more

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