Polity and Administration Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise


1- Shadow Cabinet. 2


2- National Disaster Management Authority(NDMA). 2

3- 73rd and 74th Constitutional Ammendments. 4

4- Dr. Ambedkar’s  role in making of the constitution of India. 6

5- Women’s  reservation will be beneficial for women empowerment. Answer logically. 6

6- Election of 15th Loksabha  has focused on importance of national parties. Explain. 6


7- Doctrine of Eclipse. 2

8- National Employment Guarantee Act. 2

9- Discuss the main provisions of “Right to Information Act”. 4


10- E- Governance. 4

11- Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. 4

12- Through some light on the 97th Constitutional Ammendement Act. 4


13- Explain Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority. 4

14- What are the duties of Coast Gaurds? 4


15- In what respect is India a Secular State? 4

16- Discuss the roles of major Autonomous Offices under the Constitution. 6


17- Who appoints Secretary General of Rajya Sabha? 2

18- National Development Council. 4

19- Role of Territorial Army. 4


20- Election Commission. 4

21- Border Security Force. 4

22- Bharat Ratna. 4

23- How is President of India elected? 3



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