What is the Green revolution? Analyse the impact of green revolution.

Green revolution is an agricultural revolution in which agricultural productivity was increased by providing package of inputs like High yield variety seeds, chemical fertiliser and better irrigation facility. It lead to the increased agricultural production and made India a self -reliant country in terms of food production.

Impact of green revolution are summarised as below:

  • Economic impact:
  • Increased productivity and food self sufficiency
  • Increase in the GDP
  • Increase farm income
  • Increase in the total cultivable land
  • Increase in the credit for agriculture
  • Increase in food exports
  • Boost to Industrial activity
  • Increase in subsidy hence pressure on fiscal deficit
  • Regional Imbalance in agri -productivity


  • Ecological Impact
  • Land and soil degradation
  • Over exploitation of natural resources like water
  • Chemical fertiliser uses increased. It increased Toxicity in food chain
  • Soil health jeopardised.
  • Social Impact:
    • Resistance to land reforms
    • Concentration of wealth in few farmers. Agriculture income being tax free it further increased inequality.
    • Social disequilibirium and hence increase in feudal mindset.


Hence the green revolution for India in terms of success has been a mixed affair. Though it has yielded several positive results in terms of economic growth and development. It had some problems too.


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