RAS(RTS) Exam Prelims Notes for Reasoning & Mental Ability

Reasoning & Mental AbilityFor Notes Click Here Logical Reasoning (Deductive, Inductive, Abductive): · Statement and Assumptions, Statement and Argument, Statements and Conclusion, Courses of Action. · Analytical Reasoning. Mental Ability : Number series, Letter series, Odd man out, Coding-Decoding, Problems relating to Relations, Shapes and their sub sections. Basic Numeracy : – Elementary knowledge of … Read more

RAS(RTS) Exam Prelims Notes for Science & Technology

Science & TechnologyFor Notes Click on the topics – Basics of Everyday Science. – Electronics, Computers, Information and Communication Technology. – Space Technology including Satellites. – Defence Technology. – Nanotechnology. – Human body, Food and Nutrition, Health care. – Environmental and Ecological Changes and its Impacts. – Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering. – Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry … Read more

RAS(RTS) Exam Prelims Notes for Economic Concepts and Indian Economy

Economic Concepts and Indian Economy For Notes Click Here Basic Concepts of Economics – Basic Knowledge of Budgeting, Banking, Public Finance, National Income, Growth and Development – Accounting- Concept, Tools and Uses in Administration – Stock Exchange and Share Market – Fiscal and Monetary Policies – Subsidies, Public Distribution System – e-Commerce – Inflation- Concept, … Read more

RAS(RTS) Exam Prelims Notes for Indian Constitution, Political System &Governance

Indian Constitution, Political System &Governance For Notes Click Here – Constitutional Development & Indian Constitution : Government of India Acts: 1919 and 1935, Constituent Assembly, Nature of Indian Constitution; Preamble, Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State, Fundamental Duties, Federal Structure, Constitutional Amendments, Emergency Provisions, Public Interest Litigation (P.I.L.) and Judicial Review. – Indian Political System … Read more

RAS(RTS) Exam Prelims Notes for Geography of World and India

Geography of World and India World Geography: – Broad Physical features. – Environmental and Ecological Issues. – Wildlife and Bio-diversity. – International Waterways. – Major Industrial Regions. Geography of India: – Broad physical features and Major physiographic divisions. – Agriculture and Agro based Activities. – Minerals – Iron, Manganese, Coal, Oil & Gas, Atomic minerals. … Read more

RAS(RTS) Exam Prelims Notes for History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan

History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan – Major Landmarks in the History of Rajasthan, Major Dynasties, their Administrative and Revenue System. Socio-cultural Issues. – Freedom Movement , Political Awakening and Integration – Salient features of Architecture – Forts and Monuments – Arts, Paintings and Handicrafts. – Important Works of Rajasthani literature. Local … Read more


INDIAN AGRICULTURE—CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS Some of the important challenges Indian agriculture is facing at present are given below: Stunted Yield: Dry Farming: Inadequate Marketing Facilities: Inadequate Formal Sources of Credit: Mismanagement of Public Distribution System: Sustainability of Agriculture: Soil Erosion:


DRY FARMING IN INDIA The spread in the regions where the average annual rainfall is less than 75 cm. rainfall is scanty and uncertain, where hot and dry conditions prevail. It is not only that the average annual rainfall is low, the variability of rainfall in these areas varies between 25 to 60 per cent. … Read more


POULTRY FARMING (SILVER REVOLUTION) IN INDIA practice of raising poultry, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, as a subcategory of animal husbandry, for the purpose of farming meat or eggs for food. requires small capital and provides additional income and job opportunities to a large number of rural population in the shortest possible time. The … Read more


SERICULTURE IN INDIA Production Silkworm larvae are fed on mulberry leaves and after the fourth molt, they climb a twig placed near them and spin their silken cocoons. The silk is a continuous-filament fibre consisting of fibroin protein, secreted from two salivary glands in the head of each larva, and a gum called sericin, which … Read more

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