RAS/RTS Pre Examination 1995 Solved Question Paper

RAS/RTS Pre Examination 1995 Solved Question Paper for General Knowledge(GK) and General Science(GS) conducted  by Rajasthan Public Service Commission(RPSC), Ajmer. Here is RAS Pre 1995 GK, GS Paper 1 Solutions, Full Question Paper, Answer Key of RAS Pre Examination 1995. For Results, Cut-Off Marks, Subject Papers.Detailed solutions are provided by Rasfreenotes.in Team for complete program click here

An unknown gas dissolve readily in water. The solution turn red litmus blue. The gas react with dydrogen chloride to produce white fumes. The unknown gas is:
A. Sulphide Dioxide B. Nitric Oxide
C. Ammonia
D. Carbon Monoxide
Ans: C

2. In developing a Photographic Plate:
A. Sodium thiosulphate is used as reducing agent B. Free bromine is liberated
C. The exposed portion oxidised most rapidly
D. It is left in the developer till all bromide is dissolved
Ans: D

3. The study of Functions, Characteristics and phenomena observed in the living world and the application of this knowledge to the world of Machines is known as:
A. Bionics
B. Bionomics C. Bionomy D. Biometry
Ans: A

4. A branch dealing with the scientific description of individual culture is known as:
A. Ethnology B. Ethnography C. Ethology
D. Ethics
Ans: A

5. A workman was working on the rail track. A young boy at a distance hold his ear near the rail track. This boy was able to hear sound of blow of workman twick. it is because of:
A. The speed of sound is greater in steel than in air B. The speed of sound is greater in air than in steel C. Part of the sound wave is reflected between the rail track
D. His ear are at different distances from the source.
Ans: A 6. Alternating current is Not suitable for:
A. Charging storage batteries B. Running electric motors
C. Transmitting electric powers D. Heating electric toasters Ans:A

7. Active acquired immunity is the result of the production of:
A. Antibodies B. Vaccines
C. Serums
D. Filterble viruses
Ans: A

8. Which of the following characterstics separates man from all other primates:
A. Exhibition of curiosity
B. Degererating sense of smell C. Opposite thumb
D. Projecting chin
Ans: A
9. Which of the following is considered to be mos recent:
A. Heiderberg man B. Cro Magnon Man C. Pilt magnon man D. Neanderthal Man
Ans: B
10. Which of the following is the first to break the proper sequence:
A. Fertilized egg B. Gastrula
C. Blastula D. Foetus
Ans: A
11. Estrigen is produced by:
A. Egg
B. Follicle
C. Corpus luteum D. Uterus
Ans: B
12. By Mistake ramu has take an over dose of certain injection. This caused twitching, Cibvulsions, Unconsciousness and death after some time. These symptoms were due to:
A. A Subnormal concentration of sugar in the blood
B. An enormous concentration of suger in the blood
C. A Lack if glycogen in the blood
D. A lack of calcium ions in the blood.
Ans: A
13. The principal reason why it is better to have tow eye than one is that:
A. By having two eyes we can distinguish Color easily.
B. By having two eyes we can easily see in dark and dim light
C. This gives man a type of vision known as mosaic vision
D. This enhance Depth perception in us.
Ans: D
14. The most important function of perspiration is to:
A. Regulate body temperature B. Regulate body water supply
C. Get rid of body poisons
D. Keep the skin pores clear of dirt
Ans: A

15. If you want to lock your STD on Landline Telephone which of the following code you will use:
A. 124 ABCD 1 B. 124 ABCD 2 C. 124 ABCD 3 D. 124 ABCD 0 Ans: A

16. The buy balllot medal given once in ten year by the royal netherland academy of science has recently bestowed on:
A. PM Bhargav B. PV RAO
Ans: C
17. Who among the following is the winner of 43rd mans world table tennis championship:
A. liu guoliang B. Kong lunghui C. Wang to
D. Diang song
Ans: B
18. Who among the following in 1995 french open tennis tournament winner:
A. Andre agassi B. Jum ciyruer C. Pete sanoras
D. Thomas Muster
Ans: D
19. Who among the following is rajasthan’s foremost chess player:
A. Nazir B. Naseer
C. Ghorpade D. Praveen
Ans: B
20. AT&T has developed a computer operating system which allow multi-user envioronment is: A. VGA
Ans: B
21. When an information is dialed on the telephone and read on the television screen it is known as:
A. Telax B. Telefax C. Teletax
D. Teleprocessing Ans: B
22. The generating of images on a screen by focusing an electronic beam on phosphorus coated screen is called:
A. Master Scan B. Total Scan C. Roster Scan D. Radar Scan
Ans: C 23. Sachin tendulkar is married to:
A. Anjali mehta B. Asha meta C. Anju mehta D. Abha Mehta Ans: A
24. Catalytic convertors which converts emmitted carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide in automobiles have a ceramuc dusc coated with:
A. Silver B. Gold C. Copper
D. Paladium
Ans: D 25. Nano filtration is the technique developed in france for water purification in which water s filtered through special membrane with porosity of:
A. 1 Angstrom B. 10 Angstroms
C. 100 Angstroms D. 1000 Angstroms Ans: B
26. Morphine is obtained from: A. Flower
B. Leaf C. Fruit D. Stem Ans: A
27. Depiction of which animal on seals established that trade existed between Indus valley and masopotamia civilization:
A. Horse B. Ass C. Bull
D. Elephant Ans: C
28. The title FATHER OF HISTORY rightly belongs to:
A. Herodotus B. Euripides C. Thucydides D. Socrates Ans: A
29. Who was the first king of rome: A. Numitor
B. Remus C. Romulus
D. Hamilcar Barca Ans: C
30. The manufacture of real paper in china can be creadited to:
A. Tsai Lun B. Wa wang C. Chin
D. Kung tzu Ans: A
31. The greatest Contribution to eastern roman emperor Justinian was in the field of:
A. Law
B. Architecture C. Science
D. Litrature Ans: A
32. Renaissance culture had its beginning in italy because:
A. Development of science in italy B. Education highly developed
C. Atmosphere of freedom to speak D. Secular traditions
Ans: C
33. SABHA in vedic period was:
A. Institution of profession men in village B. Royal court
C. Mantri parishad
D. National Assembly of all citizen of the state Ans: A
34. Whom among the following ruler organized the second buddhist assembly:
A. Ajatshatru B. Kaalsok C. Anand
D. Ashok Ans: B
35. The first iranian rular who brought some parts of india under his sway was:
A. Cyrus
B. Darius First C. Darius First D. Shaharsh Ans: A
36. The most popular idols carved in the time of chola rular were:
A. Stone idols B. Marble idols
C. Idol of lord vishnu on stone slabs D. Idol of natraj shiva in bronze Ans: D
37. Which of the following language was patronized by the sultans of delhi:
A. Arabic
B. Turkish C. Persian D. Urdu Ans: C
38. Which of one of the following factors is not conductive in establishing akbar as a nationalist:
A. Akbar has forsaken islam
B. Administrative unity and unity in law C. Akbars efforts at cultural unity
D. Akbars religious policy Ans: A
39. Whom among the following muslim scholar contributed most to hindi literature:
A. Abul fazal B. Faizi
C. Abdul rehim khankhana D. Abdul qadir bandaoni Ans: C
40. The finest monuments constructed by akbar are found in:
A. Agra fort B. Lahore fort
C. Allahabad fort D. Fatehpur sikri Ans: D
41. Who established VEER BHARAT SAMAJ: A. Zorawar singh barhat
B. Gokul das asawa C. Master Aditendra D. Vijay singh Pathik Ans: B
42. Who was responsible for the growth of political consciousness in bharatpur in the 1930:
A. Kishan lal joshi B. Takkur deshraj
C. Pandit rewati sharan
D. Yugal kishore chaturvedi Ans: A
43. The author of PRATYAKSHA JEEVAN SHASTRA was:
A. Manikyalal verma B. Jamnalal Bajaj
C. Heeralal Shastri D. Pandit Nayanuram Ans: C
44. With which saint are following four principle associated:
1. To perform havan
2. To show compassion to live objects
3. To perform arti and render hymns in evening 4. take a bath every morning
A. Dhanna B. Jambhoji
C. Siddh jasnath D. Saint Pipa Ans: B
45. Which according to saint pipa, was the main means of attaining salvation:
A. Idol worship B. Bhakti
C. Meditation D. Yagya Ans: B
46. What does the word MEENA signify: A. Dweller of the forest
B. Defenders of the forest C. Fishermen
D. Fish Ans: F
47. The temple of SAAS-BAHU is located in: A. Arthuna
B. Nagda C. Somnath D. Ahar Ans: B
48. The quantify of water assigned to rajasthan according to the pact of 1994 pertaining to yamuna river water is:
A. 800 CUSEC
B. 70 Crore cubic meters
C. 111.9 Crore cubic meters D. 120.5 Crore cubic meter Ans: C
49. Gopinath Munde Committee has been appointed to review:
A. Enron project
B. Electoral Reform C. Narmada Project
D. Pay commission Report Ans: A
50. The country which renewed its membership to become the 183rd member of UNESCO is:
A. Zambia
B. South africa C. Pakistan
D. Indonesia Ans: B
51. A senior member of the Indian delegation to the simla talks has disclosed recently that Bhutto had agreed at shimla about the gradual conversion of the ceasefire line in kashmir into International boundry. His name is:
A. Jagat mehta
B. Pranab Mukherjee C. TN Kaul
D. PN Dhar Ans:D
52. Armaity desai was in the news because of:
A. Role in narmada bachao andolan
B. Winning bronze medal in bankok merathon C. Appointment as chaimen of UGC
D. Indira gandhi award for National Integration Ans: C
53. The theme of the red cross day observed on may,8 1995 was:
A. Free medicine for the poor B. Eradication of polia
C. Dignity for all, respect for women
D. Nursing the sick, treating the wounded Ans: C
54. The 1994 UN Environment programme sasakawa prized was awarded to:
A. MS Swaminathan B. Mainka Gandhi
C. James D. Wolfensohn D. Aliso Hargreaves Ans: A
55. ZEPA is:
A. Chief of bosnian serb lanka B. A religion of sri lanka
C. UN Designated safe area in bosnia D. a city in palestine under UN Control Ans: C
56. The state which have been setup state level human right commission are:
A. Rajastha and west Bengal
B. West bengal and Humachal pradesh C. Tamilnadu and UP
D. Maharashtra and Gujarat Ans: A
57. The UNESCO has declared 1995 as the: A. Human right year
B. International Literacy drive
C. International year of terrorist eradication D. International year of Tolerance
Ans: D
58. P Venugopal figured in the news on account of:
A. His long poem Rukh te rishi
B. Contribution to the enrichment of Indian literature
C. First successful heart transplant operation D. Upliftment of the children and woman Ans: B
59. The silent feature this year about India awas yojana is:
A. Construction of ten lakh houses B. Liberation of bonded labour
C. Providing awas to SC at cheaper cost D. Centers allocation of ten crore rupees Ans: A
60. The SAARC Summit held in May 1995 decided to:
A. Eradicate poverty by 2002
B. Reject liberalisation of regional trade C.. Discuss bilateral issue
D. Reject SAPTA Ans: A
61. Which of the following pair is correct: A. C.Rajgopalchari – India wins freedom
B. Mani shankar aiyar – The pakistan papers C. Savita Pande – The path to power
D. Margret Thatcher – The future of NPT Ans: B
62. Larry pressler is associated with:
A. Support for lifting ban on US Military aid to pakistan
B. Strengthening of US Pakistan Cordial relations C. Critism of clintons proposed military package to pakistan
D. Annoucement for contesting presidential election
Ans: C
63. China’s expression of strong protest with the US recently is on the issue of:
A. Lee teng huis visit to the US
B. Curb on high technology transfer to china C. Liberalization of trade
D. Expansion of UN security counsil Ans: A
64. The highest mountain of India is: A. Kanchenjunga
B. Torres C. Dover D. Malacca Ans: A
65. Match the following: ANS:
A. Niagra fall – US
B. Land of thousand lakes – Finland C. Eifil tower-Paris
D. Roof of world -Pamir
68. The river which originates from Rajasthan and drops its water into the gulf of khambat is: A. Luni
B. Mahi C. Jawai D. Parwati Ans: A
69. The district having the highest % of variability in the annural rainfall is:
A. Barmber B. Jaipur
C. Jaisalmer D. Banswara Ans: D
70. Which one of the following is not bio-degradable: A. Domestic sewage B. Lab detergents C. Soap
D. Plant leaves Ans: B
71. The brown soils in rajasthan are mainly spread over:
A. Catchment area of the Banas river B. The southern part of Rajasthan
C. The hadoti plateaux D. Both sides of aravalis Ans: D
72. The district of rajasthan having a good potentiality of both oil and natural gas is:
A. Barmer B. Jalore
C. Jaisalmer D. Ganganagar Ans: C
74. Lignite based power project of 1000 MW capacity in the barmer district is likely to be located at:
A. Kapurdi B. Jalipa C. Barmer D. Chotan Ans: A
75. The basic cause for frequent drought and famines in rajasthan is:
A. Extension of aravallis from SW to NE B. Irregular, Insufficient and erratic rainfall C. Degradation of soil and forests
D. Irrational and unscientifc use of water Ans: A
76. The main objective of Aravali Development Project is to:
A. Control soil degradation
B. Check epansion of thar desert C. Arrest deforestation
D. Restore ecolofical stability Ans: D
77. Which one of the following sectors have been provided the highest % of allocation in the 8th five year plan of rajasthan:
A. Agriculture
B. Irrigation and flood control C. Power
D. Social and community services Ans: D
79. Rajasthan ranks first in Indian in the production of:
A. Rock phosphate, Tungsten, Gypsum B. Granite, Marble and Sandstone
C. Lead, Zinc and Copper
D. Mica, Soapstone and floride
Ans: A
80. Most significant programme in the alleviation of proverty in the rural areas of Rajasthan is:
81. Santhas are the Inhabitants of A. Central areas
B. Southern area C. Western area D. Eastern Area Ans: D
82. Olga kuzenkova of russia sets a world record in the woman’s hammer throw with a heave of:
A. 65.54 M B. 66.72 M C. 68.14 M D. 70.25 M Ans: C
83. The planning commission of India is: A. Autonomous body
B. Advisory body
C. Constitutional Body D. Statutory Body Ans: B
84. The plan-holiday refers to the period: A. 1965-68
B. 1966-69 C. 1967-70 D. 1978-80 Ans: B
85. The sugar factory run under the cooperative system is located at:
A. Udaipur
B. Sriganganagar C. Bhopalsagar D. Keshoriapatan Ans: D
86. APNA GAON, APNA KAM scheme was launched on:
A. 1 DEC 1990 B. 1 JAN 1991 C. 15 AU 1990 D. 2 OCT 1991 Ans: B
87. Who called the multipurpose river valley projects “the temple of modern India”:
A. Dr. Rajendra prasad B. Jawaharlal nehru
C. Indira gandhi
D. Mahatma gandhi
Ans: B
88. The all India Khadi and village industries board was set up during the:
A. 1st plan B. 2nd Plan C. 3rd Plan D. 4th Plan Ans: B
89. The most important small scale industry in india is the:
A. Textile B. Paper
C. Handloom D. Jute
Ans: C
90. Match the following: ANS:
Jawahar sagar dam – kota
Rana pratap sagar dam- chittorgarh Ummedsagar dam – bhilwara
Bajaj sagar dam- banswara
91.The limit of the cooperative bank in each district of rajasthan is:
A. Regional rural bank
B. Primary cooperative bank C. State cooperative bak
D. Central cooperative bank Ans: D
93. The agency which serves as the single integrated agency for meeting the credit needs of all types of agricultural and rural development activities is:
94. The limit of capital investment for small scale industries as per New insutrial policy 1991 is:
A. 45 Lakh B. 60 Lakh C. 50 Lakh D. 40 Lakh Ans: 2
95. The five year plan that terminated one year before the Scheduled period is:
A. 2nd Five year plan B. 3rd five year plan C. 4th Five year plan D. 5th Five year plan Ans: D
97. The name of the dam built on mahanadi is: A. Bhakra nagal
B. Gandi sagar C. Hirakund D. Tungbhadra Ans: C
98. The cooperative credit societies have a: A. One tier structure
B. Two tier C. Three tier D. Four tier Ans: C
99. Which pair is Correct: A. Rwanda-nairobii
B. Kenya-kinshasa C. Zimbabwe-harare D. Zaire-Kigali Ans: C
100. On the basis of nature and availability of natural resources, the maximum potentialities in Rajasthan exist for the development of Industries based on:
A. Livestock B. Agriculture C. Minerals D. Forests Ans: C

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