History and Culture Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise


1- What are the main reasons of the emergence of nationalism during Indian Freedom Movement? 4

2- Evaluate the changes in Indian Freedom Movement and Political perspective before and after arrival of Gandhijee. 6


3- Two nation theory. 4

4- Causes of partition of Bengal. 4

5- Crips Mission. 4


6- What was Komagata Maru incident? 4

7- Discuss the first war of independence of 1857 and evaluate its implications. 6

8- Discuss the main proposals of Cabinet Mission. 6


9-Explain the struggle of Maratha’s against the Mughals. 6


10- What is the importance of ‘Khayal’ in Indian Classical Music. 4

11- Discuss the main 5 cultural heritage of Delhi. 6

12- What are the factors responsible for Renaissance in Modern India . 6


13- Which is the largest mosque of India and by whom was it constructed? 2

14- Describe the historical and religious importance of Mamallapuram (now Mahabalipuram). 4

15- Why is Bodh Gaya famous? 4

16- Examine the concept of composite culture as envisaged by Akbar (1556 AD-1605 AD). 6

17- Examine the growth of Militant Nationalism (1906-1918) in the Indian Freedom Struggle. 6

18- Access the role of three major academies setup during 1953-1954 to promote fine arts , literature and music in the country. 6


19- Classical School of Dancing. 4

20- What was Bhakti Movement and who were its prominent saints? 6

21- Write a short note on the impact of Sufism on Indian Society. 6


22- Development of Architecture and Literature during the Gupta Period. 4

23- Bhakti movement in Medieval India.  4

24- Analyse the factors which lead to the revolt of 1857 and explain the reasons for its failure. 6

25- Social and religious reforms in the later half of 19th century. 3


26- Nalanda University. 2

27- Pashupati. 2

28- Lothal. 2

29- Importance of the year 1857. 2

30- What are the main features of Gandhar Art. 4

31- What are the main teachings of Suharvardi Sufi Saints. 4

32- Through light on the changing attitude of British Monarchy. 4

33- Discuss the origin and spread of Bhakti Movement in Medieval India. 6


34- Swami Vivekanand. 2



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