Geography Previous Year’s Mains Questions Topics Wise


1- Describe the major iron ore mining areas of the world. 4

2- what is International Date Line? 4

3- What is Geothermal energy and how it is being used? 4

4- Divide India into major physiographic regions and describe anyone of them. 6


5- Melbourne. 2

6- Waziristan. 2

7- Organic Agriculture. 4

8- De- Forestation. 4


9- Shamshbad. 2

10- Kosovo. 2

11- What are Multipurpose river valley projects? Explain the main features of Chambal Valley Project. 6

12- What are the different factors responsible for the origin of Indian Monsoon? Explain with process. 6

13- Discuss the possibilities of non- Conventional energy in India. 6


14- Cancun. 2

15- Mosul. 2

16- Explain “ Ozone layer “ and “Ozone Hole ”. 4

17- What is Interlinking of rivers? What will be its influence on Indian Economy? 6

18- Explain India’s Population Policy and give account of country’s population distribution. 6


19- Almaty Dam. 2

20- East Timor. 2

21- What is the difference between a planet and a star. 4

22- Comment on origin and classification of Plateau. 6


23- Malpa. 2

24- Asteriods. 2

25- What is snow line. 2

26- Explain how dew is formed. 4

27- What is a difference between Light year and a leap year. 4

28- Identify some of the major non- Conventional energy sources and their potential. 4

29- What are winds and define important wind systems of the world. 6

30- Comment on the state of literacy in the country. 6

31- Where are the following deserts located- (i) Great Victorian Desert (ii) Kalahari Desert

(iii)  Atakama Desert (iv) Black Rock Desert

32- Solstice. 4

33- Describe the various system of irrigation used in India. 6

34- Macmohan Line. 2

35- Gulfstream. 2

36- In which contries are the following places situated- (a) Rio de Jenerio (b) Atlanta (c) Geneva (d) Cape Town. 4

37- Sources of non- ferrous minerals in India. 4

38- Causes of drought and famines in India and the areas affected. 4

39- The mechanism of southwest monsoon in India. 4

40- Non- Conventional sources of energy. 4

41- The black cotton soil and its importance. 4


  • Elucidate the growth and distribution of population in India and discuss the problem of over population in the country. 6
  • Devide India according to its physical features and give a geographical account of Deccan Plateau. 6
  • What do you understand by a multi-purpose project? Discuss Heerakund or Damodar valley project in Detail. 6
  • Discuss the development of Iron and steel Industry in Indis. 6
  • Discuss an account of production of fibre crops in India. 6
  • Major religious communities in India. 3


42- Coral Reefs. 2

43- Rotation of crops. 2

44- Importance of Aravallis. 2

45- In which country are the following features present:- (i)Hawang Ho River (ii) Mount Fuji San

(iii) Kalahari Desert  (iv) Appalachian Highlands

46-Folded mountains of the world. 4

47- Critically Examine the alternative source of energy. 6


48- Mixed Cropping 2

49- Delta. 2

50- Ranakpur. 2

51- Jerusalam .2

52- What are the factors affecting the Climate of a place? 4

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