RAS Prelims 2017 Book list and Strategy for Beginners

Strategy and Booklist for RAS 2017


  • There have been many changes in RAS pattern for last 2 exams, its syllabus has been changed a lot. There is no optional in syllabus. Whereas It is a ocean of general studies and covered many subjects.


  • Hard work with smart tactics and disciplined strategy is essential to crack this exam.


  • The notification with 900 vacancies are about to come in next 2-3 weeks. It is the high time to start the preparation as pre examination is scheduled in December 2017. Total 6 months preparation with dedication is sufficient to crack this exam.


  • Due to huge syllabus, the study should be more wide and less in depth. Well-designed material at Rasfreenotes may be very useful to cover the whole syllabus in lesser time.


So, the big question is from where to start

  1. First thing that to be done is to mug the complete syllabus-

www.rpsc.rajasthan.gov.in/syllabus or Visit individual Subjects links of RAS Free Notes


  1. Go through the NCERT from 6th to 12 of all the subjects. Details are given here according to syllabus.


  1. After a sound foundation is prepared the next stage is to refer some important books of good authors of particular subjects.


  1. Current affairs are playing major role in ICS as well as in all state PSCs, so daily news paper and one monthly magazine is must for qualify.Daily Current Affairs


  1. Regular Tests are the best way to practice the paper in limited time and to analyze the mistakes. Always remember by giving tests, the brain thinks in passive way with all horizons while by only studying, brain works in active way without pressuring itself. So More pain gives more gain. It is better to join more than one test series. (well prepared test series at Rasfreenotes may be very helpful for practice)


  • This exam is all about patience and discipline. Regular study with revision is the only key to crack RAS.


  • Make your own time table and strictly follow it every day, weekly revision on Sundays and monthly revision on 30th will be concrete preparation.


  • Devote your time (about 1 hr) daily on current affairs and writing practice at least 30 minutes for each.


  • Place the maps of world, India and Rajasthan on wall. Use flash cards and small diary for quick revision.


  • Don’t overload yourself with stacks of books rather try to complete less books with more revision.


  • Dont panic yourself, everything can be done with passion and confidence. Just use your potential and give hundred percent.


Following is the syllabus wise booklist for pre and Click Here for mains .




  • The Preliminary Examination will consist only one paper of General studies and General science.
  • It will be of objective type and carry a maximum of 200 marks, Total time 3 hrs.
  • There will be 150 questions of multiple choice (Objective Type), carrying equal marks. There will be negative marking 1/3 mark for every wrong answer.


Syllabus (PRE)



  • Indian History


Ancient & Medieval Period – Old NCERT ( 11th & 12th )- Get Printed Ncert’s at your doorstep/    Rasfreenotes

Modern PeriodOld NCERT (12th) / rasfreenotes


  • Geography of World and India






  • Political and Administrative System of RajasthanBooks of Rajasthan Adhyaan (Class 9-12)








  • Current AffairsThis section is most important as weightage of current events is increasing every year. Read one News paper daily likeThe hindu, Indian express, One local news paper-Dainik bhaskar/Patrika and atleast one monthly magzine-Partiyogita darpan, Lakshya series,Sujas etc.


Rasfreenotes  daily current afffairs and monthly magzine cover almost every topic related to important news of National, International and state perspecitve.


Regular follow the following government websites –







The section wise analysis of last two RAS pre exams (RAS 2013 & RAS 2016) is as follows –

 Analysis of RAS 2013 (Pre)  Examination


Ras 2013 (pre) Paper held in 2015 was different from the paper held in 2013. It was majorly fact based paper rather than conceptual paper. We have deeply analyzed the paper from all perspective and divide it in 10 sections.





  1. Polity & Governance       15                     8                            


  • There were asked the questions related to commission (Dates & presidents), Legislative assembly, Fundamental duties, constitutional amendments, Constitutional committees( Chairman) Articles, Constitunal  Cases &  subjects, Political books & writers, Presidential rule in states etc.


  1. Economy                          4                          5


  • No Banking and other conceptual questions, however mostly related to

Committees (chairman), National income, GDP Growth and for the Rajasthan specific Questions asked were related to Agriculture- Projects, Locations and ranking. Energy Projects-Locations, Schemes etc.


  1. Science & Technology      14                                                                     


  • This section was covered  broadly by conventional broad science ie rather than deep its better to read the width study along with current technological updates. The questions were asked in following topics :-


DNA-Medicine, Biology-Blood Groups, Disease, enzyme, organ, nutrition. Technology :- FM, Space (Satellite), Defence (Air craft). Computer and devices.



  1. Geography     10                       10


No Climatology or conceptual questions, mostly asked on mapping and location basis. International geography (Straights and  Industries) ,

Indian Geography – Mapping (Ports,Refinaries, Highways),

Rajasthan geography- Mappings (Tribes, canals), Rivers, coal reserves, minerals etc.


  1. Environment     10


The questions in this section were asked more than expected and mostly related to

 Gases, Pollutants, Waterbodies, Bio fuels & Desserts)



  1. Current affairs             14                       04


More emphasis was given on this section and important happenings around the world were asked mostly based on –Sports, Books, Prizes, and International Days.



  1. Schemes & Mission     04                       01


(Related to latest govt schemes of state and nation)


  1. Maths & Reasoning    25  


This section covered most questions among all sections, considered as main factor to clear the cut-offs.

(Maths-10 , DI-2, Reasoning-11, Statements -2)



  1. History                     08                       08


Indian History- ancient-5, medivel-0, modern-3.

Rajasthan History –medival -5, modern-3 (Mostly of Newspaper, inscription and Writings)

No War and kingdom kind of questions nor asked about any important events.


  1. Art & Culture     01                       09          


Rajasthan culture was given the all importance and Questions were asked on the following topics  : Temples Terracotta instrument painting and Fairs.



So some it of all Total questions asked from Rajasthan – 45 and Quantitative aptitude – 25 So it covered approx 48% of the paper.




Analysis of RAS 2016 (Pre)  Examination


RAS 2016 (pre) Paper was apporx. Similar to the 2013 paper despite minor changes in the section wise questions. This year also the emphasis was given to facts and current affairs.








  1. Polity & Governance       12                     11                         


  • This year the questions were asked mainly from district and elections related. Questions related to commission and legislative were again asked this year too. One question about presidential rule in Rajasthan repeated in this year. All commissions and district administration along with elections were asked majorly.



  1. Economy 7                          6


  • Still there is No Banking and other conceptual questions, Most questions were related to Economic survey of Rajasthan, Five year planning and Schemes of energy sector.



  1. Science & Technology      14                                                     


  • Only 5 questions were asked this year from conventional science (Physics-1, Chemstry-3, Biology-1) other 9 questions were asked from Technology which are based on following-

Defence (DRDO), Space (Solar power aircraft, Launch vehicle of satellite), Nano Technology, Genetic engineering, Bio-fertilizer and science park location etc.



  1. Geography     04                       10


  • This year only 2-2 questions were asked from International and Indian geography however total 10 questions were asked from Rajasthan geography. Most Questions were asked from Rajasthan geography – Minerals, Mountains (descending order), Mapping (cities), Mines, Locations of institutes and parks.



  1. Environment     04                       03


  • Same as last year – Gases, Pollutants and global warming. However this year also from state forest policy and biodiversity board etc.



  1. Current affairs             14                       07


  • Same as last year but number of questions were increased. More emphasis was given on this section and important happenings around the world were asked mostly based on –Sports, Books, Prizes, and latest technology updates.



  1. Schemes & Mission     02                       08


  • (Related to latest govt schemes of state and nation)



  1. Maths & Reasoning    20  


  • The number of questions were decreased this year in this section.

(Maths-06, DI-2, Reasoning-08, Statements -4)



  1. History                     10                       10


  • Indian History-  ancient-4, medieval-4, modern-2. (Temples, Mahabharta related)

      Rajasthan History –     ancient -2,  medieval -3, modern-5 (Mostly on Kumbha, Institution,       Peasant movements, News papers)



  1. Art & Culture     0                          05          


  • No Art and culture of India , only asked from Rajasthan on the following topics : Literature, Khayal, Dance, Music, Festival (Location and dates)



This year total number of questions from Rajasthan increased to 60 from Last year of 45 and Current affairs and economic survey played major role for clearing the cut offs. Important dates,names and some other factual information must be prepared for clearing the cut-offs.



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