Multipurpose Projects & Hydro-Electric Projects in India

  • Damodar Valley Project—- Damodar—– West Bengal & Jharkhand. It includes Maithon & Tilaiya Dam on Barakar river in Bihar, Konar Dam (Konar river) & Panchet Dam (Damodar).
  • Rihand Dam —-Rihand —–Uttar Pradesh
  • Nagarjunasagar Project —–Krishna—- Andhra Pradesh. Consists of two canals – Lal Bahadur Canal (Left) & Jawahar canal (Right).
  • Tungabhadra Project Tungabhadra JV of Andhra Pr & Karnataka.
  • Gandak Project Gandak JV between UP, Bihar & Nepal
  • Kosi Project Kosi JV of Bihar & Nepal
  • Beas Project Beas Includes Pong Dam
  • Mayurkashi Project Mayurkashi Mayurkashi is a tributary of Hugli.
  • Indira Gandhi Canal It consists of Rajastan Feeder Canal (taking off from Harike Barrage, 204 km long, fully lined masonry canal) & Rajasthan main canal (445Km)
  • Narmada Valley Project Involves Sardar Sarovar dam in Gujarat & Narmada sagar (or Indira Sagar) dam in M.P.
  • Pochampad Project Godavari Andhra Pradesh.
  • Tehri Dam Bhagirathi Uttaranchal. Implemented with Soviet Aid.Highest rock fall dam in the country.
  • Parambikulam Project JV between Tamil Nadu & Kerala. Hydro-Electric Projects
  • Mata Tella Dam Betwa Near Jhansi in U.P.
  • Kangsbati Project West Bengal
  • Rajasthan Canal Project Sutlej, Beas JV of Punjab & Rajastan. Ravi water is also used.
  • Kadana Project Mahi Gujarat
  • Tata Hydroelectric Scheme Indravati Maharashtra. Called Bhivpuri dam.
  • Koyna Hydroelectic Dam Koyna Maharashtra
  • Sivasamudram Cauvery Falls Karnataka
  • Pykara Hydro Elec Project Pykara Tamil Nadu (along Nilgiris)
  • Mettur Project Cauvery Tamil Nadu
  • Papansam Scheme Tambraparni Tamil Nadu
  • Sabargiri Hydel Project Pampa Kerala
  • Idukki Project Periyar Kerala
  • Sholayar Project Sholayar Kerala. JV between Kerala & Tamil Nadu
  • Machkund Power Project Machkund Orissa. JV between A.P & Orissa
  • Srisailam Power Project Krishna Andhra Pradesh
  • Balimela Hydro Project Sileru river JV between A.P & Orissa
  • Umiam Project Umiam Meghalaya
  • Salal Hydro Project Chenab J & K
  • Thein Dam Project Ravi Punjab
  • Banasagar Project Son JV between MP, UP & Bihar
  • Jayakwadi Project Godavari Maharashtra
  • Kakrapara Project Tapi Gujarat
  • Mahi Project Mahi Gujarat
  • Malprabha Project Malprabha Karnataka
  • Pallivasal project Mudirapujha Kerala
  • Poochampad Godavari Andhra Pradesh
  • Rajghat Dam Project Betwa
  • Sarda Sahayak Ghagara Uttar Pradesh
  • Hansdev Bango Project Hansdev M.P.
  • Tawa Project Tawa M.P. Tawa is tributary of Narmada
  • Ukai Project Tapi Gujarat
  • Purna Project Purna Maharashtra
  • Rana Pratap Sagar Chambal Rajasthan (Rawatbhata)
  • Jawahar Sagar Dam Chambal Rajasthan (Kota)
  • Gandhi Sagar Dam Chambal Churasigarh Fort at MP-Rajasthan border
  • Chibro Tons Uttar Pradesh
  • Dool Hasti Chenab J & K.
  • Nathpa Jhakri Satluj Himachal Pr. Biggest hydel power project inIndia
  • Panchet Dam Damodar West Bengal
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