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Haryana to open post-Covid care centres ‘Umang’

Post-COVID care centres ‘Umang’ will be started in all major government hospitals in Haryana, Health Minister Anil Vij said.

Vij said such centres will be started to ensure complete recovery post COVID-19. These Centres named ‘Umang’ are being started where the Corona recovered patients will not only be treated but will also be given training by trainers for their physical fitness through Yoga and Pranayam.

Besides this, services of physiotherapists and other physicians will also be available at these Centres, he added. Vij said that due to increasing cases of Coronavirus, patients are facing problems even after recovering from it.

Till now, more than 650000 people have recovered from COVID-19 in the state. The state also has over 60000 active cases.

At present, there is a shortage of this medicine. The State Government has also appealed to the Centre to provide 12000 Amphotericin-B injections.


Net Zero Producers Forum Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia will work with the Norway, United States, Canada and Qatar to form a “Net Zero Producer Forum” for oil and gas producers to discuss how they can support the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The forum will discuss ways to achieve the goal of zero carbon net emissions to limit global warming.

Saudi Arabia also stated that its goal is to reduce carbon emissions by producing 50% of the country’s energy from renewable energy sources by 2030.

India and Russia 2+2 Dialogue

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed to establish a “2 + 2 Ministerial Dialogue.” A “2 + 2 ministerial” dialogue was held between the Minister of Defense and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

India has similar dialogues with the United States, Australia and Japan. Russia is the first non-quartet member with whom India will hold a dialogue.

In 2021, President Putin will visit India and hold an India-Russia bilateral summit. The summit can also be held in India and Russia.

Currently, Russia is India’s largest defense supplier. In addition, India’s key defense systems (such as S-400) were purchased from Russia.

World Athletics Day is on 7th May


May 7th is World Athletics Day 2020. 1996 is the first World Athletics Day. The basic target of World Athletics Day is to promote the participation of young people in athletics.

There is a proverb that “a healthy body has a healthy mind”. In order to strengthen sports activities worldwide; organize various sports events worldwide throughout the year.

In the same way, World Athletics Day is organized by the International Athletics Federation (IAAF). World Athletics Day was celebrated for the first time in 1996.

The date of World Athletics Day is determined by the IAAF. In 2006, participants on this day were between 7 and 15 years old, but then the age gap widened to 13 to 17 years old.

More than 100 sports federations in the world participated in the 2016 IAAF World Athletics Day. All events and expenses that occurred on that day were sponsored by the IAAF.


Unique Disability ID (UDID) Disability Certificates


From June 1st, the Government of India’s Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD) has made it mandatory for all States/UTs to issue disability certificates only via the UDID portal.


Under the RPwD Act of 2016, the Central Government published the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2017.

Rule 18(5) requires the Central Government to set a date by which the State/UT authorities must issue disability certificates through the internet.

Since 2016, the UDID project has been in service.

From June 1, 2021, it will ensure full digitization of disability certification, as well as a viable mechanism for cross-checking the authenticity of the certificate to achieve pan-India validity and simplifying the procedure for the benefit of Divyangjan.

Database From National Financial Reporting Authority – NFRA

The National Financial Reporting Authority publishes a provisional database for businesses that fall under its regulatory jurisdiction.


The Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India administers the National Financial Reporting Authority (NFRA), which regulates the country’s auditing standards.

NFRA consists of one Chairperson, three full-time Members and one Secretary.

It also monitors the accounting and auditing professions’ quality of service.

It also has the authority to investigate allegations of professional wrongdoing by chartered accountants or CA companies, impose a penalty, and ban the CA or company from practising for up to ten years.



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