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Haryana moving from e-governance to good governance: CM

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar on Saturday said that the State Government while using Information Technology is constantly working towards envisaging Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of transforming India through e-Governance thereby making the lives of the people of the State better by bringing various Good Governance reforms.

He said that in Good Governance reforms brought in by the State Government, such a systematic system has been developed under which people do not have to make frequent visits to headquarters in Chandigarh or the district offices to get their work done. They can take advantage of all the government schemes at the nearest Community Service Centre (CSC) in their village or online while sitting at their homes only.

Khattar said that the ParivarPehchan Patra would be a strong document in moving towards the direction of good governance in the state, due to which it would be easy to fetch the benefits of the welfare services automatically. With this robust system now under the Old Age Samman Allowance, the pension of the beneficiary will start automatically. Now elderly people need not to apply anywhere as the pension automatically starts when one attains the age of 60. In the villages of the state, the work of generating the property cards under the Swamitva Yojana has been started by abolishing the old system of Lal Dora. Under this scheme, so far 13 lakh 47 thousand 609 people have Swamitva cards in the state.

He said that AntyodayaParivarUtthan Yojana has been started to bring the poorest of the poor into the mainstream. By strengthening the online system, the government started giving direct benefits to the beneficiaries under the DBT scheme. The government has created an online transfer policy and started giving jobs on the basis of merit to ensure complete transparency. These services were brought under the purview of the Right to Service Act to make the benefits of government services reach the public in a time bound manner. Now the accountability of the department and the officer has been fixed for not giving the benefit of the service on time. The Government started the Dial-112 scheme, due to which people are getting police help in just 15 minutes. Now, for the convenience of hearing and speaking people with disabilities, sign language experts will sit in dial-112 through video call and the police will help them after listening to their problems.



Rare Pink Handfish


After 22 years, Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) discovered a rare pink handfish near the Tasmanian coast. The last time the fish was seen was in 1999.


In February 2021, Australian marine researchers used an underwater camera to photograph the seabed in Tasman Fracture Marine Park. They discovered the pink handfish later while reviewing the footage.

The Taman Fracture Marine Park is known for its deep crack in the earth’s crust, which allows scientists to study marine life up to 4,000 meters below the surface.

Pink handfish was previously thought to only live in shallow waters. This time, however, it was discovered at a depth of 150 meters.


India Aids Mozambique


The Indian Naval Ship (INS) Kesari arrived in Maputo, Mozambique, on December 25 with 500 tonnes of food aid as part of the SAGAR Mission.


500 tonnes of food aid were sent to Mozambique to aid the government’s efforts to combat the ongoing drought and the covid-19 pandemic.

India is also committed to assisting Mozambique’s Armed Forces in their capacity-building efforts.

INS Kesari also carried two Fast Interceptor Craft and self-defense equipment, which will be handed over to the Mozambican Armed Forces.

In accordance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of SAGAR, aid was extended to Mozambique for the eighth time.






Indian Armys In-house Messaging app


The Indian Army has launched ASIGMA, a modern messaging app that stands for “Army Secure IndiGeneous Messaging Application.”


The AWAN (Army Wide Area Network) messaging application will be replaced by ASIGMA. For the past 15 years, AWAN has been in operation.

On Army-owned hardware, the ASIGMA app has been distributed. It will serve the army from now on, and it will be able to provide lifetime support with future upgrades.It has been designed to meet all future requirements for the Indian army while also providing a better user experience.

The app includes a number of modern features, such as multi-level security, message prioritization and tracking, a dynamic global address book, and options to meet the army’s current needs.

It will meet the Army’s real-time data transfer and messaging needs, especially given the current geopolitical security environment.


INS Khukri Decommissioned


The INS Khukri (P49), India’s first indigenously built missile corvette, was decommissioned on December 24, 2021, after 32 years of service at Visakhapatnam.


The national flag, decommissioning pennant, and naval ensign were all lowered at sunset during the decommissioning ceremony.

On August 23, 1989, the Mazagon Dock shipbuilders completed the INS Khukri.

It was unique in that it served in both the Western and Eastern Fleets.

The ship was commanded by 28 commanding officers during her service with the Indian Navy.

It traveled over 6,44,897 nautical miles, which is the equivalent of 30 times around the world or three times the distance between the Moon and the Earth. The ship was assigned to the Indian Army’s Gorkha Brigade.


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