DMPQ- How climate change affect the fauna and flora of the country?

Impact of climate change on Flora:

  • All the plants/tree species requires a specific temperature for their life processes like germination of seed, growth, flowering, fruiting etc. Changes in temperature have changed this cycle.
  • Trees which are unable to adjust to this change are becoming endangered and might get extinct if not saved.
  • Because of the average increase of temperature, tropical trees are shifting towards the temperate areas. Also because the cryosphere is receding, the tree line is moving up along the mountain slopes as well as the latitudes.

Impact of Climate Change to Fauna:

  • Like trees, animals are also adapted to a certain temperature. As they can move, they are shifting to more conducive areas.
  • The migratory pattern of birds is changing. The arrival of Siberian cranes in India is delayed and they are returning to Russia a bit early.
  • The breeding pattern of birds and aquatic animals is also changing. Tropical fish species are shifting to more temperate waters.
  • Vector born diseases which were found in tropical areas are also shifting to temperate regions
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