17.02.22 HPSC Daily Current Affairs


Bolster industrial competitiveness: Assocham to Hry


The trade body Assocham’s Haryana State Development Council has submitted a memorandum to Haryana government, suggesting enhancement of competitiveness and sustainable industrial growth. These suggestions were made by Assocham during the pre-budget meeting preceding the state budget with the chief minister of Haryana.
The memorandum was submitted by Assocham to bolster the industrial competitiveness in areas like skill development, MSME, infrastructure and tourism.

Lot of efforts, allocations & schemes have been made by the Centre and state for MSME upliftment. But Udyam registration of just 11% at India level and 23% at state level is an indicator of MSME indifference & reluctance towards availment. Simplistic digital mobile-based ecosystem is the need of the hour.




Munich Security Conference


Since 1963, the Munich Security Conference has been held in Munich, Germany, as an annual conference on international security policy. MünchnerKonferenzfürSicherheitspolitik and Wehrkundetagung were the previous names for the conference. It is the largest meeting of its kind in the world.



The Munich Security Conference has developed into the most important independent venue for international security policy decision-makers to exchange ideas during the last four decades.


Every year, it brings together over 350 top officials from over 70 countries to engage in a discussion on various security concerns. Heads of state, international organizations, and governments as well as members of parliament, ministers, high-ranking military representatives, civil society, science, the media, and business are among those expected to attend this conference.


The conference takes place every year in February in the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich, Germany.







INSACOG Network Extend To Neighbor Countries


Recently, India announced to increase its “SARS-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium (INSACOG) network” to neighbor countries to fight against Covid-19.


  • INSACOG may be a network of laboratories for genomic sequencing and surveillance.
  • India will also implement the “TRIPS waiver,” which is co-sponsored with South Africa to diversify its local manufacturing in regional markets.
  • As a part of India’s development assistance package amid pandemic, it’s conducted 17 training modules for around 60 countries focused on the entire spectrum of COVID management.
  • India will take its experience in testing, treating, and vaccinating an outsized population across different geographies and terrains to make customized and tailor-made capacity building and technical training programs for healthcare and frontline workers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.



Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Bill


The central government has proposed a law to empower it to repair fertilizers’ maximum asking price and control their quality and distribution.


  • All stakeholders have been asked to comment on the Department of Fertilizers’ proposed Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Bill, 2022.
  • It is the convenient public interest that the central government should take under its control on distribution, price, and quality of standards of fertilizers.
  • The bill seeks to determine India’s Integrated Plant Nutrition Management Authority.
  • It aims to promote the development and sustainable use of balanced fertilizers, including bio-fertilizers, nano-fertilizers, bio-stimulates, and organic fertilizers.


DefExpo 2022 Scheduled In March


The DefExpo 2022 is planned to be held from 10 March to 13 March 2022.



  • DefExpo exhibition is India’s biennial marquee event for the defense manufacturing industry.
  • It has received confirmation from quite 900 exhibitors.
  • The final number is predicted to cross quite 1000. The event is held in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, for the primary time.
  • During the event, drone shows are organized for the general public on the theme of the Expo.
  • Indian Navy also will showcase a number of its assets and capabilities at the Sabarmati riverfront for a larger audience.

Fintech Open Hackathon


The leading digital payments platform PhonePe announced that, NITI Aayog will host the first ever ‘Fintech Open Hackathon’ by collaborating with it.


  • The first-ever open-to-all hackathon will be organised with the aim of showcasing path-breaking solutions for fintech
  • The Hackathon will provide an opportunity for digital creators, developers and innovators, from across India to think, ideate and code.

At the hackathon, Participants are required to use any open-data APIs such as ‘PhonePe Pulse’ along with frameworks like Account Aggregator as a foundation to power use cases, such as:

  1. Alternate risk models for lending,
  2. Insurance or investments with a focus on financial inclusion
  3. Innovative products that use power data signals for demographics and goes for broader adoption of financial services;
  4. Improved visualisation and derived intelligence based on digital payments data.


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