DMPQ- . Evaluate critically that American revolution brought the necessary changes in the continent.

. In 1789, the United States Constitution came into effect. It was the first written Republic Constitution. The Bill of Rights is the set of first ten amendments to the USA constitution and includes freedom of speech, press, religion and justice under the law.

The American Revolution established the first democratic Republic in the world and the USA soon embarked on Industrial Revolution. It also expanded its territory within the continent of North America by westward expansion and purchase of territory like Louisiana from France in 1803 and Florida from Spain in 1819.

The new Republic of the USA was not free of biases. The Republic was not truly democratic as the women, the blacks and the Native Americans did not get the Right to Vote. Slavery was a blot on the principle of equality and it could be finally abolished, only after the Civil War of 1861-65 between the Northern and the Southern States of USA. The Southern States were against Slavery abolition as their economy was farm based and required the cheap black labour.

Still, the most important contribution of American Revolution was its contribution to ideas of Liberty, Equality, Fundamental Rights, Nationalism and anti-colonialism. The idea of equality with no special privileges to Nobility was radical at a time when much of the world was under Feudalism, where the Nobles were the prominent class. The idea of no taxation on property, which flowed from the Right to Property, was also novel in those times. Thus American Revolution was a revolution in ideas and system of Polity and it impacted the future events, the most prominent of them being the French Revolution of 1789.

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