Major Cities and Tourist Places of Haryana

Major Cities and Tourist Places of Haryana

Haryana is situated in North western part of the country. It is located between 27 degrees 37’ North to 30 degrees 35’ North  and  74 degree 28′ East to 77 degree 36’east. The state is located at an altitude of 700 to 3600 feet above the sea level.

The total area of the state of Haryana is 44,212 sq. kms and the population of the state is 2.54 crores according to census 2011. The borders of the state of Haryana touch Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand from eastern end, Delhi towards the south eastern end, western end touches Punjab, the northern part of Haryana borders with Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan touches Haryana from south.

There are many famous cities and tourist destinations in the state. The state is thrived with Indus Valley and Vedic civilization as the state as Banawali site which belongs to Indus valley Civilization. Many battles of the bygone eras have been fought at this land that comprises of battles of Panipat and Mahabharata epic was fought in city of Kurukshetra.

The city of Kurukshetra is known for its varied historical events, the numerous battles fought on the land of Kurukshetra. This is also the city where Arjuna was addressed by Lord Krishna about the Values of Karma that was later inscribed in the Bhagwad Gita at Jyotisar.

Major Cities and tourist places of Haryana are :-


Capital of Haryana is Chandigarh and it is green and clean city. Chandigarh is the best city in India to live in as it is considered as the best planned city in India. Chandigarh has preserved its ancient beauty while keeping in line with the modern world. Major tourist destinations in Chandigarh are

Leisure Valley

The Rock Garden

Rose Garden

Government Museum and Art Gallery

Shanti Kunj

Garden of Fragrance


Kurukshetra is known for Education, Tourism, religion, Cleanliness and clean environment. It is a popular pilgrim destination as this ancient land was the battleground of the famous Mahabharata war. Dating back to 2800 BC, the land is where Lord Krishna preached Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna on the eve of the epic war. Major  tourist attractions in Kurukshetra are

Sri Krishna Museum

Jyotisar Birthplace of Bhagavad Gita

Brahma Sarovar

Sheikh Chehlli Tomb

Dharohar Haryana Museum

Kalpana Chawla Planetarium


Panipat is known for various battles as this place witnessed three crucial battles in the history of India. Situated on River Yamuna banks, Panipat finds mention in Mahabharata as one of the five cities founded by the five Pandava brothers. The tourist attractions in Panipat are

Panipat Museum

Kabuli Bagh

Old Fort

Salar Gunj Gate

Kabuli Shah Mosque

Grave Of Ibrahim Lodhi


Hisar is an important city of Hryana that boasts of rich historic association. The land has evidences of being home to pre-historic man. The monuments here are feast to those who love to have a feel of the bygone era. Here are the top tourist destinations in Hisar

Banavali :- Indus Valley civilization site


Barsi Gate

Fort Of Prithviraj

Feroze Shah Palace


Ambala is one of the ancient cities in Haryana. Archaeological evidences found here prove that the land was inhabited as back as the Paleolithic age. During the British rule, the district of Ambala played its part by rising against the British army on many occasions. Here are some of the important tourist destinations in Ambala.

Badshahi Bag Gurudwara

Rani Ka Talab


Holy Redeemer Church


Faridabad is the biggest city in the state of Haryana. It is amongst the leading industrial hubs making a major contribution to the state’s revenue. Though the city is not as ancient as some of the major cities in Haryana, it has its share in history.  Some of the tourist spots in Faridabad


Badkhal Lake

Peacock Lake

Dhauj Lake

Raja Nahar Singh Palace


The name of this place  is mentioned in  Mahabharata. The city is said to have been established by Kauravas for King Karna, who was famous for his generosity and the attitude to give away anything anyone requested of him. It is also called as  ‘The City of Daanvir Karna’. The major tourist attractions are


Karnal Fort

Karnal Lake

Miran Sahib’s Tomb

Kalander Shah’s Tomb


It is  situated at 550 m above sea level, is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in Haryana. It is home to Asia’s best garden of the 17th century. Apart from being beautiful, the garden attracts historians and archaeologists alike. Given below are some of the tourist attractions in Pinjore.

Pinjore Gardens

Mughal Gardens

Bhima Devi Temple


It is the second largest city in the state of Haryana. The land has spiritual importance as it finds place in Mahabharata. It adds to Haryana’s overall contribution in industrial sector with its amazing infrastructure. No wonder it has emerged as the state’s corporate capital. It comes under the National Capital Region of Delhi.Major Cities and Tourist Places of Haryana


It is one of the oldest city of Haryana. Sonipat is said to be in existence even before the times of Mahabharata. It is said that the place was founded by the Pandava brothers. The place gains importance for being among the five towns demanded by the Pandava brothers in an attempt to avoid war.

Yamuna Nagar

It is also one of the important city of Haryana. It is famous for wood industries. It provides fine timber to large industrial units. Ther are also many famous places to visit in the town.

Other major cities in Haryana are Jhajjar , Jind , Bahadurgarh, Rewari Sirsa ,Bhiwani etc. Each provide distinct culture and each has its own importance .

Haryana is known for various tourist attractions and is the ancient land of the country. It is just impossible for one to overlook any of the tourist destinations here. There are not just these tourist destinations but it also has many small and large number of other tourist destinations.

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