Awards:Current Affairs 2016

Bihari Award of K.K. Birla foundation

  • 2015-16: Dr Bhagvati Lal Vyas for his Rajasthani creation “Kanth su aave hai sabad”
  • 2014:-Om Thanvi for his creation Mohanjodhro
  • 2013:-Chandra prakash deval for his creation Hirna

Mharana pratap Award 2016 : 6th March 2016:-

  • Maharana Udai Singh Award – This prestigious award is given to the personalities who have effectively worked on environment conservation to protect world habitat.
  • Pannadhay Award – This special award is bestowed to those exceptional people who have stepped ahead in most fatal situations and saved lives of others while risking their own life.
  • Maharshi Harit Rashi Award to Laxmi Sharma– This state level award is given to those who worked for spiritual upliftment and dedicated their life in serving the society with their spiritual and religious guidance.
  • Maharana Mewar Award to Dr Lakhsman singh Rathore– This state level award is for people who worked for academic development in the society to escalate moral, social and economical aspects.
  • Maharana Kumbha Award Devilal Palival and Tej Singh– People who have sparked awareness in society through historical and literature get this state level honor.
  • Maharana Sajjan Singh Award to Aakasth Chopra – Dedicated to the artists from various background like painting, traditional art are honored with this award.
  • Dagar Gharana Award To Prahlad singh Taplani– Indicating through its name, this award is for musicians with extra ordinary talent and contributed in preserving and promoting Classical Music, Classical Dance, Folk Music, Folk Dance etc.
  • Rana Punja Award to Lakxman lal damore– People who have worked for the development of Scheduled Tribes of Rajasthan.
  • Aravali Award to Rajat Chauhan – People who have achieved exceptional success in the field of sports are awarded with Aravali Award.

Sardar Ratna Award:-

  • To D.P Sharma

Gyanpeeth Award 2015, declared on 29th Jan 2016

  • Rajasthani who won award is Om Nagar
  • For his work Neeb ke cheer se and parityakt

Srifal Patrikariyata Purushkar

  • Pradeep Joshi

Shaurya Chakra

  • Highest peace time galantary award
  • To Saheed Mohan Nath Goswami

Shilpguru award

  • Kailash soni
  • Ramswaroop sharma
  • Kailash Chandra Sharma


Sports award, given after 8 years gap to :-

  1. Apoorvi chandela- shooter
  2. Rajat Chauhan- archery
  3. Lovemeet Katariya- volleyball

Mathura das Mathur award:-

  • biggest cricket award of the state
  • given to:-
  1. senior wing- Pankaj singh(test player )
  2. junior wing-shubham sharma (of jaipur)
  3. sub junior wing-Ajay geegna(Bikaner)


Amrita Devi Bishnoi Wildlife Protection Award

  • is awarded to Forest protection and conservation authority suratgarh,Udaipur
  • This award is given for significant contribution in the field of wildlife protection, which is recognised as having shown exemplary courage or having done exemplary work for the protection of wildlife.

A cash award of Rupees One lakh is presented to individuals/institutions involved in wildlife protection.


Rajasthan Ratnakar Annual Awards function

  • its organized by social works Ngo Rajasthan ratnakar
  • organized on 19th july 2015 at delhi
  • awards given to :-
  1. dr chand kaur joshi- best literature in rajasthani languages
  2. ravi purohit-best book in rajasthani languages
  3. KC Malu- folk sings in rajasthani languages

Family welfare promotion award:-

  • awarded to shriganganagar, runner up was hanumangarh
  • state population Growth rate =21.44%(2001-2011) and 28.41%?(1991-2011)
  • average age of marriage is 20.7 years while that for nation is 21.3 years
  • total fertility rate 2.8 while that for nation is 2.3

Adlocent child protection award

  • 1st kerala
  • 2nd rajasthan
  • 3rd mp

National Florence Nightingale award

  • to jogendra sharma registrar of rajasthan nursing council

Padamshree kanayalal sethia Rajathani language literature award

  • given by rajasthan association of north america
  • awarded to pawan pahardiya of nagore

BT Star PSU award

  • to Rajasthan electronics and instrumentation limited (REIL)
  • in the field of excellence in Cooperate social responsibility

Padamshree 8 april 2015

  • Mahesh raj sone(dhevakala)
  • Dr Rajesh koteba (Health)
  • M L Mehata(posthumous)
  • Virendra Mehta(Jaipur foot)

National Panchayati raj awards:-

  • given to 8 panchayati raj institutes of the state
  • Panchayat Sashaktikaran Puraskars to Udaipur, Bidala(Jodhpur), Anta( bara)
  • Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Sabha (RGGS) Puraskars for outstanding performance of Gram Sabha
  • Award to Gram Panchayats for good work in the implementation of MGNREGS activities (To be awarded by MoRD

Best cultural destination award- Rajasthan

  • by Travel plus lazer India and south asia magzine

Stockholm water award:-

  • to Rajendra singh (rajasthan water man)
  • award money is 94 lakh
  • he was also awarded Ramsay Magsaysay award

Best project in e- Governance:

  • Rajasthan public service commission

ASTHA NGO of Udaipur

  • awarded by president on women day by rani ramma devi award
  • and sister mariola won rani Gandlio award

KC KUSHIL international journalism award

awarded to international consortium of investigative journalists and  Indian Express

award money is 11,000$ which is largest in award money

Manrega awards to:-

  • Hanumangarh district collector
  • and rajpura (shriganganagar) sarpanch

Sardar patel lifetime achievement award:-

  • to Dr D P Sharma- even being handicapped he worked in the field of technical education at international level
  • he is international advisor to UN project
  • he is the 1st rajasthani to be awarded

President Medal:-

  • awarded to Dr mahesh bharadwaj- police officier

DSC south asian literature award

to jhumpa lehri during Jaipur literature festival , award money is 50.000$

Indian origin- American writer won the award for her noble The Lowland

Skill developement award:-

  • by assocham, awarded to rajasthan

Transport Ministry Trophy:-

  • awarded to rajasthan roadways for lowest accident ratio and it was awarded 4th time in a row to rajasthan.

Sahitya Academy Award 2014:-

  • To rameshchandra shah in hindi literature for his noble Vinayak
  • rampalsingh rajpurohit was awarded for rajasthani languages
  • munavvar rana (urdu) and adil jaiswal (english) will also be awarded along with 23 writters.

Manak alankaran purushkar:-

  • for active journalism to vinod singh chauhan( daily news) and anshum ahuja (rajasthan patrika)

Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration

  • awarded to Narbada Indoriya of Information and broadcasting department.
  • he is the editor of magazine Sujan

national literacy award

  • awarded to rajasthan on international literacy day.
  • Indian literacy mission is active in 32 districts of the state.
  • sikar district is selected for the award

Canada Rana Award on 30 aug 2014

  • Awarded to Virendra parihar in Jodhpur for his work in agriculture and rural developement.

Bal sahitya and yuva puruskar:-

  • by Central literature academy
  • yuva award to dr neeraj dhaiya of Bikaner for Jadu roo pen and raju bijarandiya for his book

State agriculture price:-

  • 2014-15:- to kanaram and ganga ram
  • 2013-14:- to Ashok singh Metwala(banswarda) and Jai prakasth gehlot(kota)
  • each awarded 50.000 Rs

Anuvrat Ahinsa international peace award

  • awarded to Gulab kothari- chief editor of rajasthan patrika

Lokkala RATNA

  • awarded during indian cultural festival 2015
  • awarded to Dr Mahendra banavat of udaipur

amrita devi bishnoi award 2013

  • to Mokhram Dharadiya of jeev raksha institute bikaner

concert communicator award by rajasthan patrika

  • Shailendra agrawal of soojan advertising and copywritter sundeep sarpandey

Para-sports person of the year award

  • by Ficci
  • to Devendra Jhajhardiya

Sahitya academy award:-

  • to ambika dutta of kota for his work anthoi nahi din hal

Rajasthan ratna for 2013:-

  • DR Mehta- Social works
  • Late Nagendra Singh- law and Justice
  • Late Kailasth Sankhla- environmental protection
  • Pandit Ramnarayan-art
  • Late hasrat Jaipuri- literature
  • Jasdev singh- radio
  • Late Gavri singh-  folk singer

maharana mewar charitable trust awards 2015

  • Colonel James Tod Award-Prof. John D. Smith Year: 2015 of Spain
  • Haldi Ghati Award-Piyush Pandey
  • Hakim Khan Sur Award-Vrinda Grover
  • Maharana Udai Singh Award-Mr. Jadav Mulai Payeng
  • Panna Dhai Award -Anu Aga
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