RAS Pre Exam solved Paper 1995

1- An unknown gas dissolve readily in water. The solution turn red litmus blue. The gas react with dydrogen chloride to produce white fumes. The unknown gas is: A. Sulphide Dioxide B. Nitric Oxide C. Ammonia D. Carbon Monoxide Ans: C 2. In developing a Photographic Plate: A. Sodium thiosulphate is used as reducing agent B. … Read more

RAS Pre Exam solved Paper 1996

1. British were able to supress the uprising of 1875 in rajaput state because: A. The local Rajput rulars did not support revolutionary. B. The educated middle class support the british C. The soldiers in contonments were not prepared to accept leadership of revolutionary from outside rajasthan D. News papers coul not project the true … Read more

RAS Pre Exam solved Paper 1998

1.Which district has Highest Population growth during 1981-1991: A. Jaipur B. Banswara C. Bikaner D. Ajmer Ans: C 2. According to census 1991, the % of SC, ST in rajasthan: A. 17.29 AND 12.44 B. 13.84 AND 6.77 C. 1729 AND 13.82 D. 12.44 AND 6.77 Ans: A 3. The main cause of frequent drought … Read more

RAS Pre Exam solved Paper 2003

1. The Area of Rajasthan is about: a. 2.8 Lakh Square Km. b. 3.4 Lakh Square Km. c. 4.5 Lakh Square Km. d. 5.7 Lakh Square Km. ANS: 3.4 Lakh Square Km. 2. What Fraction of Rajasthan’s land area is desert a. 1/4 b. 1/3 c. 1/2 d. 2/3 ANS: 2/3 3. For which of … Read more

RAS Pre Exam solved Paper 2007

1. Super Computer’s Word length Range is: A. 16 Bits B. 32 Bits C. 64 Bits D. 128 Bits Ans: C rasfreenotes.in Tips: Supercomputer or Computer processors can NORMALLY access is 64 Bits. However, that depends what type of accessing you’re talking about. There exist processors with 128-bit registers. But as on 2007, we believe … Read more

RAS Pre Exam solved Paper 2008

1. Minamata disease is caused by: A. Mercury B. Cadmium C. Lead D. Zinc Ans: A 2. Govt. of rajasthan has constituted one organization to advise the govt. on reforms in economic matters is: A. Economic policy and reform counsel B. Reform committee on economic policy C. Council for economic reforms D. Economic advisory committee: … Read more

RAS Pre Exam solved Paper 2010

1 Fourth buddhist council held in Kashmir under emperor: A. Ashoka B. Kala Ashok C. Kanishka D. Ajatshatru Ans: C Tips by www.rasfreenotes.in: Fourth Buddhist Council was held in the Sarvastivada tradition, said to have been convened by the Kushan emperor Kanishka, in 78 AD at Jalandhar or in Kashmir. 2. Which place is situated … Read more

RAS(RTS) 2013 re-exam paper general knowledge(GK) and general science held on 31 October 2015

The complete analysis and solution key of the RAS(RTS) 2013 re-exam paper general knowledge(GK) and general science held on 31 October 2015 will be provided by rasfreenotes team on 31 October after the RAS(RTS) exam. Please click herefor exam paper of ras(RTS) re-exam held on 31-october-2015 Click here for exam analysis for ras(RTS) re-exam held … Read more

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