Haryana Tax and economic reforms

Haryana Tax and economic reforms   Haryana has risen as one of the quickly developing economies of the nation with amazing development amid most recent couple of years. At the season of its arrangement in 1966, it was modernly in reverse and predominately agribusiness commanded state. In spite of the fact that Haryana is little … Read more

Introduction to Haryana Economy

Haryana is among the prosperous states of the country.  We can see the current status of state GDP Below is the table which describes Gross State Domestic product of Haryana. Below is Growth in Gross State Value Added at Constant (2011-12) Prices     Per capita income of Haryana Sectors of Economy We will discuss … Read more

Fishing of Haryana

Fishing of Haryana The State of Haryana, which was carved out of most backward region of erstwhile Punjab in 1966, has now earn a reputation of being one of the most prosperous State in the country. The State has good water resources in the shape of rivers, canals, drains, natural and man madelakes / reservoirs / … Read more

Transport network of Haryana

Transport network of Haryana   Transport network plays an important role for the development of the economy . A well-planned and efficient network of transport is an essential component for a developing economy. The Transport Department of Haryana is committed to provide adequate, well-coordinated, economical, safe, comfortable and efficient transport services to the people of … Read more

Natural and power Resources of Haryana

Natural and power Resources of Haryana Energy is a vital for the development and for sustained economic growth. In addition to its widely recognized role in development of different sectors of the economy, it makes a direct and significant contribution to economy in term of revenue generation, increasing employment opportunity and enhancing the quality of … Read more

Census of Haryana

Census of Haryana According to Census  2011, Haryana has population of approx  2.54 Crores, an increase from figure of 2.11 Crore in 2001 census. Total population of Haryana as per 2011 census is 25,351,462 of which male and female are 13,494,734 and 11,856,728 respectively. In 2001, total population was 21,144,564 in which males were 11,363,953 … Read more

Industrial Development of Haryana

Industrial Development of Haryana Industrialization plays a crucial role in the economic development of an economy. It accelerates economic growth of a State and thereby increases the contribution of Industry Sector in the State Domestic Product by way of increase in the production and employment. Haryana is among the northern most states in India and … Read more

Handicrafts of Haryana

Handicrafts of Haryana Handicrafts of Haryana include a variety of style and flair. These works of art reflect the rich cultural heritage of Haryana. The famous Handicrafts of Haryana are known all over the country for their splendid aesthetic values. Handicrafts of Haryana mainly include Pottery, Embroidery and Weaving, Phulkari, Chope, Durries Bagh and Paintings. … Read more

Haryana Food security

Haryana Food security Food security can be described as a phenomenon relating to individuals and can be defined by nutritional status of the individual household member that is the ultimate focus, and the risk of that adequate status not being achieved or becoming undermined. Food Security can defined as Food security exists when all people, … Read more

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