DMPQ: “ Every men is his own Priest” Discuss the significance of statement? ( 5marker) (RAS)  Why reformation started in Germany?( 5marker)(RAS)

Q5.    Why reformation started in Germany?( 5marker) Ans:   Moral and economic exploitation of the church that was responsible for the beginning of reformation in Germany. The exploitation was too pronounced that the people were fed with the church. All sections of society were against the church. The invention of the printing Press by John … Read more

DMPQ: Write down in 20 words about following terms ( RAS) a) The institute of the Christian religion b) Anglicanism c) Inquisition

What is “ the institute of the Christian Religion”? ( 2marker) Ans:                The institute of the Religion was Published in 1536 by John Calvin. It is unquestionably one of the most important books on systematic theology ever written. In this book he rejected the doctrine of Sacraments and aimed at the establishment of a … Read more

DMPQ: What were the effect of Reformation and Counter Reformation?

Reformation and counter reformation had long lasting impact on the socio-political- economic mileu. It also is a start of the beginning of modern age. The major effects of reformation and Counter reformation are as follows: The religious division of Europe into a number of hostile camps was one of the effect of reformation. This resulted … Read more

DMPQ: What were the characteristics of Modern Indian Nationalism.

Indian modern nationalism was floating on the foundational values of modernity and the newly reformed socio-religious milieu.  The availability of new opportunities , resources, India renaissance and offshoot of modernisation helped to gave new direction to Modern Indian Nationalism. MIN was rooted in the complex economic analysis of the British policies. To understand that setting … Read more

DMPQ: Discuss the evolution of modern education in India.

Modern education main constituent is imbibing scientific enquiry into the subject. Reasoning and observation are important pillars of modern education. Even though, EIC came in 1600 they didn’t take any firm effort in introducing modern education until the enacting of Charter act of 1813. Major evolutionary phase of modern education are discussed here under: In … Read more

DMPQ: Eventhough Non cooperation movement failed to achieve its objective but it gave direction to the national movement.

The goal of Non cooperation movement was swaraj. Though, the goal of swaraj was not achieved, the non cooperation movement had achieved lot of intangible benefits which have furthered the cause of national struggle. The advantage rendered by NCM are discussed here under: Wide spread participation: It reach among many sections of Indian peasants, workers, … Read more

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