24-07-2017 Paper IV- DMPQ

Write a letter to the municipal authorities, stating the unhygienic conditions in the neighbourhood. Complete the exercise.  __the picture, there are four people. A couple is sitting__  the table. They are sitting  The drinks are   ___the table. One woman is standing  ___  the table.  ____her is a man who is barbecuing.

24-07-2017 Paper III- DMPQ

Briefly highlight the constitutional provisions related to the office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. What are the main features of Rajasthan Tenancy act 1955?

24-07-2017 Paper II- DMPQ

9 engines consume 24 metric tonnes of coal, when each is working 8 hours day. How much coal is required for 8 engines, each running 13 hours a day, if 3 engines of former type consume as much as 4 engines of latter type? Explain in brief the characteristics of different climatic regions of Rajathan.

24-07-2017 Paper I- DMPQ

Mention the important works of Rajasthani Literature. Explain the different sources of Finance. What do you mean by cost of capital?

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