Report on recent unemployment in states

Jobless rate: 11 states hit double digits in January-March   Urban joblessness rates in all age groups in at least 11 states remained in double digits, while it was stubbornly high among 15 to 29 year olds across all states, with this segment’s overall unemployment rate hitting 22.9% in the January-March quarter of 2020-21, latest data showed. In the … Read more

Cost of Living Index 2021

The Cost of Living Index 2021 was released by The Economic Intelligence Unit according to which Tel Aviv is the most expensive city in the world. Highlights: Tel Aviv is the world’s most expensive city, which Paris follows in second place and Singapore in third place. In 2020, Paris was the most expensive city, while … Read more

Survey on Domestic Violence

Fewer men justify wife-beating than women   Notwithstanding the fact that a significant percentage of women surveyed continue to be victims of spousal violence, fewer men justify violence against wives compared to women, in a majority of states, reports from the national family health survey (NFHS-5) show. As per the NFHS questionnaire, the respondents were … Read more

Conducive environment needed for disable to develop

The International Day of Disabled Persons is celebrated on December 3 by  United Nations to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilise support for increasing dignity, the rights and wellbeing of persons with disabilities. Disability is any condition of body or mind that makes it more difficult for person with condition to do certain … Read more

Cyclonic storms disrupting monsoon in India: Study

Cyclonic storms have been disrupting the Indian summer monsoon for some years now with an increase in the number of cyclones in the Arabian Sea. A recent study by researchers at the ST Radar centre of Cochin University has noted that these are disrupting the onset of the monsoon in Kerala and also its further advancement in … Read more

Groundwater pollution: Need to make food production eco-friendly

The quantum jump in agricultural production in the past several decades has impacted human and animal health, environmental safety and climate in various ways. One of the most important challenges facing humanity today is to conserve and sustain natural resources, including water, for increasing food production while protecting the environment. As the global population grows, … Read more

6G Technology

Minister of Communication, Ashwini Vaishnaw, recently highlighted that India has started work towards developing the next generation of communication technology, using indigenously developed 6G infrastructure. It is likely to be launch by 2023-end or early 2024.   Though 5G is still in its nascent stage, 6G will build on top of   6G will bring the human, … Read more

Unnatural Death of Elephants in India

Between 2009 and 2019, 600 elephants died in India due to electrocution, according to data from the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. In total, 116 people died in Karnataka, 117 in Odisha, and 105 in Assam. The only states with no such deaths are Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, and Maharashtra. In recent years, … Read more

Article- Delhi most visited destination for Indians: Survey

Delhi most visited destination for Indians: Survey   Delhi, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh are the top five most visited states/Union territories, according to a survey carried out by a digital travel platform. “Seventy-nine per cent of Indians have visited between two and 10 states, with more than half having visited two to five and … Read more

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