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  • is a NASA mission in which an unmanned spacecraft was send to Saturn.
  •  it was a 4th space mission to Saturn but first to enter its Orbit orbital
  • enceladus -Is a Saturn’s Moon where subsurface ocean and other geological activities favour the possibility of life on the satellite


G4 or Group of four

  • Includes- Brazil ,Germany, India and Japan
  • Japan is 3rd biggest economy
  • Germany is 4th biggest economy
  • India is 7th biggest economy and
  • Brazil is 8th biggest economy
  • G4 countries are legitimate candidates for permanent membership in an expanded and reformed Security Council.


Is an Android app used for anti poaching operations in Tiger Reserve, where the ani poaching  personal feed data pertaining to there patrol ,range covered on foot, timings, sightings, sector etc


  •  ASTROSAT is country’s first astronomy observatory to study distant celestial objects. It will be launched from Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh by PSLV C 30 launch vehicle
  • it will carry 6 tiny satellite
  •  first time US customers satellite will be sent along with those of Canada and Indonesia
  • ASTROSAT will be moving in a near equatorial Orbit -650 kilometre about earth surface
  • it will be study black hole ,scan the distant universe, star birth ,regions  beyond our Galaxy, Binary and neutron star and will simultaneously observe the sky in multiple light band wavelength with the help of ultraviolet optical low and high energy exchange X rays instrument on board  ASTROSAT.

Various instruments onboard astrosat are:-

  •  ultra violet imaging telescope
  • soft x-ray telescope
  • large area x-ray proportional counter
  • cadmium zinc images provider
  • scanning Sky monitor

Rani gaidinliu

  • Naga spiritual and political leader who led revolt against British rule in India.
  • At the age of 13, she joined the Heraka religious movement of her cousin Haipou Jadonang.
  • Within the Heraka cult, she came to be considered an incarnation of the goddess Cherachamdinliu.
  • Neharu gave her the title of “Rani”

Sanatan Sanstha

  • is an extreme right wing Hindu organisation headed by Dr Jayant Balaji Athavale.
  • they believe to establish a Hindu rule in India through there extremist policies and are not only critical to minority comunities but even to government establishments such as police and military.
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